it was through the 7th art that I first contacted academically with the world of art. before my advertising degree at the university, back in high school, I went through an artistic intensive course of 3 years of audiovisual media with the main focus on cinema. during that time, I was involved in many different productions — from documentary to advertising. after my degree in advertising, I kept professionally connected to videography as a teacher in digital video and post-production.
with the evolution and proliferation of digital equipment in the last decade, I was able to acquire enough equipment to start my own productions. at the moment, they are mainly focused on dance, but I'm always open for collaborations on different styles of projects. I'm also able to produce commissioned live longer performances, like theatre or dance. just reach me out!!
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Geranium was the most common house plant kept in eastern Europe post-soviet countries, an exotic African plant growing among the gray and concrete harsh reality, almost unnoticed by it's co-habitants, but on the other-hand constituting the meaning of 'home'. Like most plants patiently being a silent friend to humans, who live self centred and disconnected from nature lives. This dance research is focused around organic and inorganic movements, searching for the architecture of the body and its relation to space as well as observing and taking inspiration from movements of plants and their meaning.
Choreography & Dance: Marta Kosieradzka | Music: Adriano Fontana
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The Osmosis is a live ballet performance that played in Teatr Druga Strefa, in 2020. The entire performance (~50 min.) was recorded live to later be deployed in a digital VOD (video on demand) system. Here, a sample of 4 minutes. 
Choreography: Nathalie Sonnenschine | Music: Laurent Uhres, Max Richter, Arvo Part and Ola Gjeilo | Dancers: Łukasz Lewandowski and Nathalie Sonnenschine | Technical Direction: Eligiusz Baranowski | Production: Sonnenschine Arts
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The Day She Left is a ballet dance movie and was produced in Poland, at Neoclassica Ballet Center.
Choreography & Dance: Nathalie Sonnenschine | Music: Marcin Nierubiec
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Sons da Memória (Sounds of Memory) is a Flamenco dance movie, produced in Lisbon, in the well know Igreja da Memoria (Church of Memory).
Choreography & Dance: Marina Merheb | Composition and Guitar: Ruben Costa | Violin: Marian Yanchyk | Cajon: Sebastião Bergmann | Audio recording: Filipe Coelho