sene photography for TV commercials has consistently been an immensely rewarding endeavor, and I had the privilege of participating in numerous projects between 2015 and 2019.

the goal is to capture key scenes of the storyline to ensure consistency in static campaigns (digital and print) for global marketing

Ramadan, produced in Zagreb, Croatia.
Diwali, produced in Mumbai, India.
African Way campaign, produced in Casablanca, Morocco. An example of a scene unfolded into different ethnicities with their traditional costumes: Congo, Kenya and Ivory Coast.
Christmas, produced in Quito, Ecuador

as the design manager of the creative team, I was actively involved in the entire creative process for these TV commercials.

most of them were seasonal holiday campaigns targeting various regions worldwide, often involving different ethnicities within the same region.

My Way, produced in Manila, Philippines.
Dor campaign, produced in Bucharest, Romania.
International Cricket Council, produced in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

lifestyle photography became extremely popular among marketing teams due to the high level of realism.

many companies choose to organize their own sessions tailored to their specific needs and to build their image libraries.

Session produced in Frankfurt, Germany
Session produced in Dubai, UAE