Aneta Zbrzeżniak
dance is a poem of which each movement is a word - Mata Hari

Over the past few years, dance has been my primary focus as a photographer. Collaborating with wonderful artists has been extremely rewarding, providing me with a better understanding of this art form.

Gregor Giselbrecht
Marysia Czechowicz
Aneta Zbrzeźniak
Hanna Właź
Marysia Czechowicz, Aneta Zbrzeźniak, Hania Jankowska, Patrycja Szynkarczuk, Hanna Wlaź and Małgosia Cwalina
Marysia Czechowicz
Patrycja Szynkarczuk
Małgosia Cwalina
Aneta Zbrzeżniak
Gregor Giselbrecht, Marysia Czechowicz, Aneta Zbrzeżniak, Mar Bonet, Hania Jankowska, Laurence Elliott and Małgosia Cwalina.
Mar Bonet and Laurence Elliott
Aneta Zbrzeźniak and Gregor Giselbrecht