I have worked in several multinational corporations as a senior graphic designer and as a creative manager, setting creative strategies and visions based on global and local marketing campaigns targeting all communication channels.
In the span over 15+ years, I’ve built a solid career as an Art Director with experience in B2B, B2C, Corporate and Institutional Communications.
I’m also a trainer in Adobe software for Editorial Design, Illustration, Digital Photography and Video.

working with different media allowed me to have an holistic view of how to use all these different languages to better tell a story or communicate a product/service.

On this page you will find some key samples that represent generically the scope of my work. If you would like to see other types of projects feel free to reach me out.

The rebranding of MoneyGram was the most broad project that I had the opportunity to participate.
An innovative project that gathered the entire creative team and took about one year to complete. It was led by the head of the creative studio together with two design managers (one being myself).
Among the development of major key areas - tone of voice, signage, identity, etc. -, the rebranding involved the creation of a design methodology that allowed the creation of distinctive assets but always with a consistent look&feel.

The design system developed allowed different visual results without loosing it's visual consistency and hundreds of campaigns were produced worldwide.

Editorial design was always very rewarding and it was professionally my first contact with graphic design. My first job was at a daily newspaper in Oporto and through out my career I also worked for different magazines and publishing houses.
Back in 2011, as a freelancer, I was given the opportunity to rebrand a weekly newspaper in Oporto.
I developed a new logo, an entire new layout and all the templates (100+) needed for the graphics team. It took me around 7 months to finish.
In 2014, while working as a designer for Schneider Electric, I had the opportunity to develop the entire creative concept for the digital Sustainability Report.
Back then, the triangle was the main graphic element of the brand and therefore the entire UI was built around a background grid that would adapt according to the menus or pages.
A minimalistic and clean UI that was completely consistent with the visual foundation of the brand at that time.
Illustration is another area that I really appreciate. These samples were created for a polish nail brand that is being sold in Indonesia. The concept was inspired in the single line technique from the logo and extended into three different concepts (3D visualizations made in Adobe Dimensions).